2021 Annual Report

October 4, 2022

Annual Report 2021

Vision Statement: Addiction is a disease of the brain that requires comprehensive treatment.

Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services envisions a world where no one dies as the result of
any addiction.

Mission Statement: “Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services will provide a healthy, safe, and secure environment to provide comprehensive treatment and education services that focus on changing addictive behaviors. We will provide each our clients with the knowledge, skills, and medicines (where evidence shows benefit) necessary to lead a productive lifestyle while addressing ongoing treatment needs. We will be a resource to our clients and the community as a premier advocate to eliminate the stigma of addiction.”

In December 2021, the OARS Counseling Department finalized its annual DDAP audit inspection, and was granted full licensure at each location for an additional year.

In 2021, the OARS Counseling Department in Aliquippa and Mt. Washington conducted approximately 1,480 counseling sessions through a “Scholarship Program”.