Battling Alcohol Use Disorder and How OARS Treats You

February 22, 2021

Since OARS began in 2015, we have primarily treated patients with opioid use disorder. Through our experience, we’ve learned that many of our patients develop co-dependence on other substance use disorders as well.

Did you know that an estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol use disorder annually?

People with alcohol use disorder will continue to drink even when it has negative consequences that are detrimental to their daily life. Those with alcohol use disorder may be aware that their alcohol use has negative effects on their life, but it’s not enough for them to stop drinking.

The cause of alcohol use disorder is still unknown. It develops when excessive amounts of alcohol are consumed to a level where it changes the chemical makeup of the brain. These changes increase dopamine levels in your brain, which is the rewards and motivation center of the brain.

In the short-term, the health effects of alcohol use disorder are:

In the long-term, the health effects of alcohol use disorder are:

If your loved one has a dependency on alcohol, look out for these signs:

If they exhibit any of these signs, seek treatment immediately.

OARS is continuing to expand its treatment services. We’re announcing that we now treat those with alcohol use disorder. Our treatment includes:

If you have any questions about our treatment options or want to learn more about getting into treatment at OARS, call us at 724-912-6277. We’re here to answer any questions you have to get help for you or your loved ones.