Stress No More: Ways to Cope with Stress that Help Your Recovery

January 15, 2021

Coping mechanisms are habits you can learn over time. These coping mechanisms are meant to help someone manage particular situations or stress levels. As an addict, you were familiar with using drugs as a way to deal with the stresses happening in your life.

Now that you’re out of treatment, you may be wondering about different healthy coping mechanisms to get you through any difficult situations you may face.

“Healthy coping mechanisms are a great way to channel your anxieties and stress, as opposed to tapping into your cravings to deal,” says Dr. Negrini.

Here are a few recommended coping mechanisms to use:

These are just some of a few techniques you can use to alleviate stresses. With OARS by your side, you’ll have providers work with you find different ways to handle the stress you go through and to find the right resources that meet your exact needs.